Global Warming

Sample Full Text/Full Sentence Outline
PLEASE NOTE: This sample is a bare bones outline that is meant to highlight the structure of the outline. When you do this, you will use complete sentences for each part.
Joe Hassert 1 <---[Insert your name and the page number for the document in "Header"] Title/Topic: Title goes here Organizational Strategy: The org. strategy you chose goes here (Keep in mind that the introduction can contain other content. For example, you might want to quickly define some terms or provide some brief context about your topic for your audience.) INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter- first sentence of attention getter goes here. A. Second sentence of AG (if there is one) would go here, and so on. II. Thesis- This is one declarative sentence about your topic. This is not an announcement of your intention to talk about a topic. III. Ethos- Tell us what makes you qualified to speak about this topic. IV. Audience Orientation- Why should we listen? What will we gain from listening to this speech? Help your audience orient to the topic. Give us a purpose for listening. V. Preview- Announce your intention to speak about your main points. "I will begin by examining X before turning my attention to Y." This should contain specific reference to each main point in the order each will appear in the speech. [Transition]: A full sentence transition would go here. BODY [Note: Each speech's body will have different numbers of levels.] I. The first main point, Main point I, goes here. A. Sub-point I.A goes here. 1. Sub-point I.A.1 goes here. a. Sub-point I.A.1.a goes here. B. Sub-point I.B goes here. 1. Sub-point I.B.1 goes here. [Transition]: Transition between Main point I and II goes here. II. The second main point, Main point II, goes here. A. Sub-point II.A goes here. 1. Sub-point II.A.1 goes here. B. Sub-point II.B goes here. 1. Sub-point II.B.1 goes here. 2. Sub-point II.B.2 [Transition]: Transition between Main point II and III goes here. III. The third main point, Main point III, goes here. A. Sub-point III.A goes here. 1. Sub-point III.A.1 goes here. a. Sub-point III.A.1.a goes here. B. Sub-point III.B goes here. 1. Sub-point III.B.1 goes here. [Transition]: Transition into conclusion CONCLUSION I. Signal End- II. Review- III. Memorable end- Works Cited Properly formatted work cited page goes here. _____________________________________________________________________________