Genetic manipulation and cloning

Read all the assigned articles for the unit and watch the entire movie Gattaca. Think about the issue of genetic manipulation and cloning. Do you think that genetic manipulation should be allowed or not? Specifically, think about the subtopics of chance/fate, privacy, discrimination, progress, and valuing life as they relate to genetic manipulation and cloning.
Write a minimum of 5 paragraphs although that will not guarantee you a good grade. This is just the minimum required to have a chance of passing the essay exam. Usually having more paragraphs ensures a more thorough discussion.
You will be writing a persuasive essay in which you try to convince your audience of your points. In addition to the standard basics of effective essay writing, your essay should include the strategies we have learned in the class regarding effective thesis statements and paragraph organization.
You do not have to pick just one side. You could argue both sides as long as you dont keep jumping back and forth between sides. Ultimately, there should be a clear side that you would prefer (i.e. for or against genetic manipulation/cloning). For example, you might say Although cloning helps X, which leads to Y, it should not be allowed because of Z.
You should proofread your essay exam before submitting it.
You must use the articles as least 2 times and the movie at least 2 times in your essay. You may use one reading a couple of times, or you may use whatever combination of readings that you want. However, you must quote from the reading(s) at least twice. You must also use specific details from the movie Gattaca at least twice in your essay.
You may use other evidence not assigned in the class in addition to the assigned texts, but it should not be a substitute for them.