Find a company van or historical news article about an urban planning development in my community

Find a current or historical news article about an urban planning development initiative or rezoning in your community. The article must be at minimum two pages, and you may use more than one article for perspective. You may get the article online (look at list of helpful websites on BB and LAGCC Library database).
The article(s) MUST be attached to your homework.
Paper should be in essay format, double spaced 12 font.

In your Paper Analysis please discuss the following:

1. Give a brief description of the urban planning development initiative.

2. Discuss all of the players involved: discuss how private and public interests come together (i.e. City Hall, architects, private investments, the community, urban planners) which might promote a conflict of interest.

3. Is there opposition to the development? Discuss both sides of the argument. Who are the players on each side? What are the pros and cons of the development?

4. Analysis and reflection: examine if your article has a media bias: Who is telling the story? Give your educated opinion of the urban planning development initiative, and examine how your neighborhood changed or will change due to this project. Connect to class discussions and textbook to support your opinion.