Film Review

The review should be typed and double-spaced and written according to Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines: one-inch margins, name, class, instructor and date of submission in upper left corner, last name and page numbers in upper right corner, title of review center, then begin the first graph.
Write eight paragraphs in response to the questions on the worksheet. In paragraph one, in addition to basic film release information and the name of the director, state an overall point of view about the film. Approximately 600 words for the review.
Type the final draft in Times New Roman font face and a point size of 11-12.
You may quote or paraphrase from a source such as a film critic, but make sure to give an introduction of the author and the source prior to the quote or paraphrase (ex: According to critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, “…
A Works Cited is not required for the sources but attribution is. You can check for plagiarism issues through this platform.