Film Analysis

Your assignment is to do a film as art analysis and NOT a movie review. Not just an analysis of the film itself, but of the film as it relates to being a work of art. You should be looking for imagery, poetic language, natural environment, physical beauty, camera angles, views and even special effects. You should NOT be telling me about the story I have seen it instead tell how the director used film as an art form, his use or lack of use of color, music, scenery, images, costumes, etc. to get his point across.
The work should be typed double spaced and properly formatted to get any credit for this assignment. No larger than 12 font and either Times New Roman or Arial only.
On title page please include title of film, director, and main actors. There should be 2 -3 pages of writing. This is purely an opinion paper so keep it as such, you can back your opinion with scenes, lines etc from the movie but it needs to be your work!!