This assignment is to be:
8-12 pages long, PLUS a Works Cited page in MLA format
o That Works Cited page must include:
The Play The Doll House by Ibsen
any scholarly articles used (at least one required)
any other sources.
on one side of a sheet of paper,
in 12 point type,
Verdana or Courier type-face.

In the upper left of the first page, list:
Your name
the course
the professor (Kauderer)
the date.
the assignment (Final Essay)

Give your essay a title,
centered on the line
and in 20 point type.

One of the most important elements of scholarly writing is for the student to participate in the scholarly dialogue of academia.
This means commenting on the comments of someone else.
Your final essay must be a critical analysis that addresses
not only the piece of literature (The Doll House),
but also some critical comments on that piece of literature
by at least one critic.
You may use any of the four critical articles used in the annotated bibliography assignment,
or you may use another article.
You must have at least four direct quotes.
At least one of those quotes must be from the scholarly article.
These quotes should have proper MLA citations.

Try to be creative with your analysis. Ask interesting questions about the work. Analysis can include different contexts, including the time period of the work, or the authors life.