Families and Intimate Relationships

Requirements for the research paper

*Students should choose a topic of the paper related to one of the following fields: social deviance and crime,stratification, class and inequality, racial and ethnic inequality, gender inequaliAnnouncementsty, families and intimate relationships, religion. They should demonstrate the mastery of appropriate concepts and sociological perspectives as articulated in Giddenss textbook. That is why students should make references to and/or have citations from the textbook and two additional literary sources.

*The 3-page paper (double space, font 12, Arial) should consist of the introduction, the main part and the conclusion.

*In the introduction, you should clearly state your hypothesis or articulate the question you are going to answer in the main part.

*In the main part of the paper, you develop an argument. While shedding the light on the topic of your interest and developing the argument of discussion do not jump from one concept to another, try to make your narration coherent and consistent (the paragraphs of your papers should be logically connected).

*In the end, you summarize your findings and draw conclusions.

*Your voice should be heard throughout the paper. You should explicitly or implicitly convey your opinion on the topic of your discussion.

*You should document your use of source material carefully and clearly (You may use the MLA citation style for that purpose).

***The use of undocumented sources is called plagiarism and will result in a grade F.