Eyewitness memory

develop, design, and propose a research experiment. Details:The first step is to find a topic (in the area of cognition)that you find interesting. Your topic shouldnt be too broad (e.g., cognition, memory, intelligence). You will need to locate a minimum of 3 articles that relate to your topic of interest. Your research question should be related to your topic and address something that hasnt been fully addressed in the literature.
This paper should double spaced, using Times New Roman, in size 12font,and 1-inch margins all aroundBelow areall of the sections that you need to includein your paper:a)Title Pageb)Introductionc)Methodd)Discussione)ReferencesYour paper should be about 4-5 pageslong(not counting your References page)Title Page(5 points):See example APA paper in the APA Formatting folder in CanvasIntroduction(35 points):The introduction section is essentially a summary of the background that led you to your research question/research project.Should be about 2 pageslongYou should discuss each of your chosen articles, what they studied, what they found, and how it relates to your study(e.g., any unanswered questions at the end of those studies that inspired you, something that the articles didnt but should have addressed in their studies)The last paragraph of your introduction should be a brief summary of your research question and what you expect to find (your predictions/hypotheses) if you were to actually conduct the experiment.Write the introduction with the goal of convincing yourreader that your experiment is a good idea. Your paper should notbe written in first person. Instead of saying In the first article, that I found… try something like… Previous research suggests that… Instead of saying For my study, I will examine… try something like… The purpose of this study is to determine…Method(35 points):The method section is written to allow others to evaluate all aspects of the research design.Your audience should know exactly what you plan to do for your experimentand should be able to replicate the study from the information that you include in this section.
PSY 316Spring 2020Should be about 2 pages longThe first paragraph of your Method section should describe the participants that you plan to test for your study:oHow many, age, race, and any other demographic information that is relevant to your studyoWhyare you studying this population?The remaining paragraphs should include specific details about the following:oYour IVs and DVs (what are you controlling and what are you measuring)oHow you will conduct the study (what will your participants be doing, for how long, etc.)This part will vary depending on the type of study that you are doing. If you are showing participants different stimuli, youll need to describe those stimuli in detail. If youare having your participants do a simulation (like in the texting/driving article) youll need to include specific details about what they will be doing/seeing, and for howlong, etc.Think of this section as a moment-by-moment breakdown of everything that your participants will experience Make sure that you include all RELEVANT details (and avoid the irrelevant ones)After reading your Method section, I should have a clear idea of what it is that you are studying and how you will conductyour experimentoLooking at the Method sections of your references can give you an idea of what a good Method section is and how it is organizedDiscussion(15 points):Should be about 1 page longBriefly recap the purpose of the experiment, what it would meanto the fieldif your hypotheses weresupported by your proposed experiment, and what your study contributes to the field in general (would this be a novel finding, does it address a gap in the research that hasnt been thoroughly studied before,could your results potentially contradict existing research, etc.)End this section with a paragraph discussing why your proposed study is important (i.e., why should we care about it)References(5points):Must be in APA formatMust have a minimum of 3references