Examine and understand leadership theory and apply it in team environments

Interview or shadow a leader in some organization. The organization may be a business, an
educational institution, church, large civic organization or any other organization of your choosing.

Ask the leader any questions that you want to about his or her leadership philosophy, leadership style, leadership background, leadership techniques that he or she employs. You may ask the leader any question you need to but you may not ask the leader direct questions about any of the three main theories that we have studied. In other words, you may not ask the leader to classify himself or herself into one of these models.

After the interview or shadowing, you are to:

Briefly summarize your interview or observation.
Identify the leadership theory that you believe best describes this leader. Be sure to give evidence that supports your classification.
Identify the characteristics, techniques or methods of this leader that you would or would not like to incorporate into your own leadership philosophy. Express why you identify those characteristics, techniques or methods.