Europe in the world

Write an assignment which critically reflects on the content of module 4 “Europe in the World” (examples of themes covered in the module include the European Union as well as the identity of European enterprises and how this influences your thesis topic. Contextualise and problematize your reflections with relevant literature and theoretical concepts.
The total length of this assignment is 5,000 words.
The assessment task helps you develop the skills to address points one and two of the requirements for your thesis, which are:
1. Select for investigation an area of study that involves significant uncertainty, ambiguity or deficiencies in understanding, wherein resolution or new insights would have significant impact
2. Contextualise that area by reference to established theory, research and scholarly literature, or proof of its absence.
Submitted papers will be judged in terms of the following assessment criteria selectively. These assessment criteria are adapted from the Learning Outcomes statement for the module. The use of the word ‘selectively’ implies that you do not give equal weight to all seven of these criteria but that you at the least take note of them in the development of a holistic piece of work.
Clarity of focus
Rigorous critical analysis of all evidence, approaches and arguments
Full consideration, development and discussion of identified issues and relations
Demonstration of wide reading effectively synthesised and critiqued and comprehensive knowledge of the field which is deployed skilfully
The ability to locate the significance of the content within the context of current and past debates
Awareness of the complexity of the issues and proper identification of any unresolved issues
An overall style and structure which is used to make a coherent concise and comprehensive paper.