Ethical Dilemma in Workplace

“Imagine you are an experienced professional working at your your dream career. One day, a crisis occurs – it’s an ethical dilemma! How should it be resolved? Your colleagues cannot agree on how it should be handled: they hold various different points of view.” I have to write a report on this dilemma and propose a solution. I’m an art student so my idea was to go with choosing whether to do a collaboration with a well-known artist (who has a few rumours/scandals) or not as a freelance artist. After looking over the details, the rights of the performers in the exhibition seem to be infringed. As much as this can jumpstart the person’s career, it can also ruin it with collaboration like this. Afterwards, I have to apply three ethical theories to this dilemma, how each would approach it and propose a solution with the best approach. Finally, the conclusion asks for how can dilemmas like these be avoided and how integral such dilemmas are to this profession.