Essay on War on Drugs

Watch the documentary The House I Live In. This is a documentary focusing on the history and contemporary reality of Americas War on Drugs, made by the highly talented documentarian Eugene Jarecki. As you watch this video, keep in mind the lessons you have learned in this class. For your paper, I would like you to write a 5 page essay (5 page minimum, you may exceed the page limit as much as youd like if youd like to do so) analyzing the relation of the War on Drugs to American History as you have encountered it in this course. What continuity do you see between the War on Drugs and other efforts at policing/disciplining American citizens, other moral panics, or other political agendas throughout American History from 1876-present? Choose at three instances in American History that you feel reflect similar dynamics as the War on Drugs. If you dont see any continuity, choose three instances in American History that you think show how unique or different the War on Drugs is from similar events in the past.