Essay on Public Policy

you have a lot of flexibility in choosing a topic. Ultimately, the only requirement is that you select an area of public policy. Remember, public policy is how government responds to a public problem and may involve purposeful government action or inaction.

Your public policy paper should contain 5 to 8 pages of content (works cited page(s) are not counted towards this page requirement). Please note a “page” refers to a full page; a few lines of content at the top of page #5 will not satisfy the “at least 5 pages” requirement. Points will be deducted from any paper that does not meet the minimum page requirement.

Your paper, in-text citations, and works cited page(s) should be formatted in accordance with MLA formatting requirements. The Steen Library has several resources related to MLA formatting opens in new window opens in new window that you may find of benefit while working on your paper.

You must incorporate at least 5 external sources into your discussion, with at least 2 of these sources coming from academic journal articles (which can be accessed through the library databases). Other acceptable sources include government websites and news sources such as PBS, BBC, CSPAN, Associated Press, NPR, and Reuters.

When it comes to content, you will also have flexibility in what you choose to discuss; however, I do ask that you do incorporate the following:

An analysis of the historical context and underlying assumptions of the public policy issue you selected;

A discussion/overview of existing laws, rules, regulations, and/or court decisions that form this area of public policy;

An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses/advantages and disadvantages of the public policy area;

Your opinion regarding whether the chosen policy should continue as currently constituted, should be altered (and, if so, what an alternative public policy option would be), or should be abandoned. Be sure to explain the rationale for your opinion (i.e., why you feel this way) and support your opinion with evidence;

A graphical representation of your public policy area, such as a table or chart. Your graphical representation should be associated with content discussed in your paper and should be properly cited