Employee Compensation. Cover are employees paid equally? What factors affect employee retention? Is the pay one or the factors that affect retention?

TOPIC FOR PAPER: Employee Compensation. Cover are employees paid equally? What factors affect employee retention? Is the pay one or the factors that affect retention?

Assignment: Class Term Paper due (8 page, double-spaced narrative) must be downloaded into Turnitin to be graded and checked for plagiarism.

RESEARCH PAPER: Students are required to write a research paper. The requirements of this paper are outlined below. The paper is to be an original research effort that has not been used to meet the requirement of any other course.

Public Human Resource Management
The purpose of the research paper requirement is to give the student experience in the collection, synthesis, and analysis of qualitative data. Every student is expected to be the sole author of original, unpublished work, which has not fulfilled requirements of any other courses. The paper is to be of professional quality. The paper should be grammatically correct, use the APA citation style, and address the research question selected by the student clearly and succinctly.
Students must READ AND FOLLOW the guidelines listed below. There is a high correlation between adherence to the guidelines and good grades on research papers.

General Guidelines
1. Topic selection: Develop a preliminary title and briefly describe (no more than 1 page) the topic you want to investigate. Also discuss your motivation for selecting the topic. A good topic and a well-crafted statement of the research question is the basis for a quality paper. This step is perhaps the most difficult part of the research paper.

Requirement: To meet this objective students will provide to the instructor a typed description of their topic (a single page should be adequate).

2. Introduction: This is a narrative of about 1 to 1 1/2 pages in length. It should explain the topic under investigation and why it deserves analysis. Place your topic within the general context of public administration. Then move to the more specific issues of interest to you. This section also includes an explicit statement of your research question. A research question is stated in such a way that there is more than one answer. A question involving the relationship between two variables takes the form: What influence does (your independent
variable-the causal agent) have on (your dependent variable-what gets acted upon)? For example, What impact does personnel management have on organizational performance? In contrast a descriptive research question involves the how, what, where, why or when of a particular phenomenon. A descriptive research question takes the form: How do public organizations appraise employee performance?

Final Paper: The required length of the paper is 8 – 10 pages, excluding title page and references. The paper must be written in Standard English, type written or printed from a computer printer, and double-spaced using 1-inch margins. Prepare your paper using Times New Romans 12-pitch font. Your paper should have a cover page that contains the following information: Title of Proposal, Course Name and Number, Student Name, and Date of Submission.
– The paper must be written in narrative form.
– Use appropriate major and minor headings to divide the major sections of the paper.
– All sources used in the paper must be cited whether you use direct quotes or summaries. The paper must follow the conventions of the APA Publication Manual.

Introduction: The purpose of this section is to inform your audience on important aspects of the question you propose to investigate. What is the context of the question and how does it relate to the subject of organization theory? Your narrative should move from a general idea to a well-defined research question.

Literature Review: This section includes a discussion of each source (A MINIMUM OF 10) that you select to use to support your paper. The discussions should focus on the relevance of the source to your research question and the evidence it provides. The instructor values the use of scholarly books and journal articles. Using other sources (newspapers, magazines, web sites) will hurt the substance of your paper. Care in selection and written presentation of sources is essential to drawing supportable conclusions about your research question.

Conclusions: in this section you will briefly summarize, in an integrated form, what you have learned from the entire literature review. The challenge is to blend the sources identified in the literature review into a coherent discussion of how the evidence relates to the research question. You want to present the material in a logical and understandable manner. One way to approach this task is to identify themes from the Literature Review and then build your summary/conclusions around these themes. The themes you select must extend logically from the material you have collected. Themes that are not supported by your literature review hurt the substance of your paper.

The question you are trying to answer is the following: What does it (all your reviews) all mean as relates to your research question?