Emile Durkheim theory of division of labor & Georg Simmel

1. Use the following to write your paper as a Word document. Please begin your analysis with a brief summary of one or two concepts of interest to you and link it/them to the appropriate theorist or theoretical perspective. The concept(s) should be taken from assigned class reading. Be sure to cite the source of your concept(s) following the citation format instructions. Examples of the types of concepts Im referring to here might be: solidarity, anomie, alienation, surplus value, the Protestant ethic, habitus, cultural capital, etc.
2. In addition to providing a definition/description of each concept, provide an example (that was NOT taken from the readings or lecture) to further illustrate your understanding.
3. Once you have clearly explained the concept(s), move onto a few paragraphs that describe or summarize the key part(s) of your chosen article, radio story/program, or movie. Just tell me about the most important points of the media presentation for understanding what happened in it. These paragraphs should merely summarize the information presented (wait until the next section to apply the concepts).
4. In the next part of the paper show how each concept is being illustrated in the article, program, or movie. What part(s) made you think about each concept? The type of experience Im referring to here is of the sort: Hey! That sounds just like what we were reading about in theory last week. Explain the connection. What made you see this link and help us to see it like you did? This takes some real critical thinking skill and is what is meant by application. You are using theoretical concepts to help us solve (or frame) a particular sociological puzzle that arose in the article, radio broadcast, or movie. Note: Using specific quotes or scene descriptions will really help you to clearly demonstrate the connection to your concepts. A quote or two can help you to explain what specifically made you think that the concept was being illustrated in this particular part of the article, program, or movie.
5. Conclude the paper with a summary of your main points. What insights do you want the reader to take away from your paper? What should the reader really remember about what youve said in the paper?
6. At the end of the paper, include a reference page see the content item, Citing in APA style.