Educational Perspectives on Women, Gender and IT

This assignment requires that you address the three objectives below through the lens of the
paper topic you developed with your group. You may structure the paper how you like, but
ensure that the organization is clear and effective. Whats important is that you synthesize the
course readings (and other sources) with your ideas into a comprehensive, detailed, and critical
1. Introduce your topic, why it is important, and why you selected it.
Incorporate the relevant terms we discussed at the beginning of the course and use
them throughout the paper. Include the relevant feminist lenses and empowerments
2. Through the lens of your topic, identify the factors and conditions that contribute to
the experiences of women/girls in IT.
Explain what has caused barriers to participation and success for women and girls in
IT and what has facilitated achievement.
3. Elaborate on the function of gender in the experiences of women/girls in IT, in the
context of your topic.
Describe how the experiences of women and girls in IT are distinctive because they
are women and girls. How do the expectations, assumptions, and norms of their
identity as women (and other identities) shape their experiences? What is the result of
this shaping on them? On their field? On society as a whole?
Additional expectations (see syllabus for full list of technical guidelines):
The final project paper must include references to at least 10 resources, 7 of which are
peer-reviewed (can include sources from class).
The final project paper must include a list of the references, formatted according to
the APA manual seventh edition.
Your writing must span at least four levels of Blooms Taxonomy.

Thesis; The topic I am interested in writing about is the impact that the educational experience can have on why women do or do not enter the technology fields, specifically how it is impactful, whether it is more critical at certain levels rather than others, and how the experiences vary based on gender, age and socioeconomic status.