Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) vs John F. Kennedy (D)

Write 2; three to five, expository paragraphs, comparison/contrast essays, to answer the following questions (500 to 700 word each.)
Use a 12-pt. font.
Double space

Compare and contrast the 2-3 KEY domestic and foreign affairs during their term(s). D= Democrat R= Republican (Ninety percent of your information must come from your textbook, BB handouts, and objectives; dont rely much on the internet; you need to use facts from your textbook
[Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) vs John F. Kennedy (D)]

Use the following format. For each essay:
1. Introductory paragraph

a. Thesis Statement (Restate the question.)

b. State the names of the 2 presidents and their political parties.

c. State the 2-3 key domestic and foreign affairs to be compared and contrasted. For example, you might compare and contrast Herbert Hoover and FDR and their key responses to the Great Depression. (from Unit 2, not for these essays, just an example)

2. One to three body paragraphs

Compare and contrast each of the 2-3 key domestic and foreign affairs for each president. Write one body paragraph for each comparison / contrast.
Explain within the historical context.
Concluding paragraph (different from Purdue Owl)
Evaluate the effectiveness of each action/reform.
Why is this important?
Were there any long-term effects? (Bonus worth up to 3 points for each essay)

Textbook: : James Roark, et al., The American Promise, 7th edition, Vol. 2. The value concise edition (Chapters 26 -31)