Drug Abuse Among University Student

This is the structure
1) Introduction – Problem Statement, Research Question, and Why Is This Research Question Important?
2) Literature Review – An extension of the Introduction where you review in depth the related research.
3) Hypotheses
4) Data and Methodology
5) Findings and Analysis
6) Conclusion – What did we Learn?

The literature review includes any background history you found on your topic, you also may describe the cause and effects (you have to use the MEC database to find quotes). The data and methodology part you are narrowing down to find data on 1/2 studies and or tests that were conducted and you have to mention who was their research sample/propulsion, the response rate, was their study effective tested? What as their research design? Were there any errors in their test.

The data and methodology can also be applied if your doing primary data (I.e your own survey questionnaire).

The related order I attached you can be able to add it to the paper which was also done by you & it is for the same paper. When you add it just follow the structure.

I have also included some sample papers & my completed survey.

Thank You.