Drawing on relevant tourism policy and management concepts and frameworks, critically discuss the efforts of a specific tourist destination or tourism/hospitality organisation of your choice towards implementing sustainable development principles.

Your discussion should refer to the activities, as well as potential challenges, involved in devising and implementing a strategy for sustainable tourism development at a destination, or for sustainable management within a hospitality organisation. The answer should demonstrate an accurate understanding of the main principles of sustainability (and potentially the related concept of corporate social responsibility), i.e. an emphasis on optimizing the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism development in a way that ensures a fair distribution of benefits for current and future generations. Furthermore, the answer could reflect on the role played by different public and private-sector stakeholders in devising and implementing a strategic plan aimed at developing tourism in a sustainable manner or applying sustainability principles in day-to-day tourism and hospitality operations. While researching your chosen context will be your key task and a lot of your learning will result from that, as the second part of the topic specifies, the answer should go beyond the reproduction of relevant material, and actually be centred on the critical examination of the case of a specific tourist destination or hospitality organisation, with examples from practice being linked to specific theory concepts and frameworks from the extant literature. You may also provide your own critical reflection on whether and how (or how well) the strategy you are reviewing seems to obtain the intended results, and/or provide suggestions for potential improvements.