Dont judge a gay person its cover

Now that weve read numerous articles about intelligence, stereotypes, & language, you are going to construct your own argument about the topic. Rememberyou want to be persuasive in the essay. Write a thesis that expresses your opinion/belief about the topic, use a logical structure that supports your thesis, & cite two sources from the readings/videos
a. Choose a specific, narrow topic. You cant write about all stereotypes at once.
b. There are multiple ways to approach thisone of the best is to come up with a question (like those above) & try to answer that question with the readings.
c. This essay is persuasiveit requires an argumentative thesis statement, logical support for the argument, & use of examples/sources/experience to back up claims.
Your essay must meet the following requirements:
Minimum of 3 pages
Uses TWO sources
NO outside research
MLA formatting, including works cited & in-text citation