Diversity in Education Discussing white privilege, power, diversity, and power.

For this final project, you will revise the definitions of power, privilege, and diversity developed in the mid-term paper. In doing so, you should seek to further develop these definitions based on the additional readings up to this point. Additionally, you should critically evaluate the solution you developed in your mid-term essay. Where did your solution fall short? What ways can you improve upon it? Is your solution feasible? In what way did your solution rely on the assumed knowledge that we are questioning? As an option, you may research and profile one educational reform initiative that is creatively addressing the issues of diversity, power and privilege discussed in the mid-term paper. Possibilities include: youth organization initiatives, diversity curricula, teacher activism networks, school finance or discrimination lawsuits, or different educational reforms. You may choose to research a reform initiative in agriculture education. Your final paper should focus on issues of power, privilege, and diversity in education but need not be limited to strategies employed within formal schools. For both options you should also-using the analytical tools of this course-critically evaluate the initiative. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How does it contribute to social justice and equity in education? Does this initiative address the issues raised by your mid-term paper? A central goal of this assignment is to build the skills you may need-as a future educator-to critically evaluate educational reform efforts, and advocate for initiatives that best meet the needs of students and families. Further, part of this assignment should be self-reflective: you should think critically about your own position while writing. Minimum 5 pages (does not include title page and reference pages). Minimum 5 citations from journals, articles or newspaper articles. APA format.