Discuss the Atlanta School and its major works.

Based on your understanding of the required and supplemental readings on Du Bois and the Atlanta Laboratory, write a 500-word (minimum) essay on race and Du Bois ideas for overcoming racial inequality. In addition to your major focus, include responses to the following questions in your work.

1. Discuss the Atlanta School and its major works.
2. Discuss Du Bois thoughts on women particularly in the context of prevailing attitudes at the time on gender. Identify specific women with whom Du Bois worked and how their contributions influenced social change.
3. Comment on race within a Du Boisian context borrowing from your own experiences. Include a clear discussion of how you see your experiences shaped by your race/ethnicity. What do you think Du Bois would say about this today?

Additionally, your short essay should follow the requirements below:
1. Explicitly state what you are attempting to do in the beginning of your essay. Include a clear purpose/aim.
2. Ensure that what you include in your essay relates to your purpose. Do not include a random discussion of what is not directly related to your aim.
3. Cite your work appropriately. You may use APA FORMAT
4. Double-space your paper.
5. Make sure that your paper is properly proofed.

Additional instructions: You may use any articles by Earl Wright and/or Aldon Morris (assuming you are unable to access their books that some of you started before spring break). The Du Bois section in Chapter 12 of the text is also important in addressing certain criteria. Other relevant scholarly sources are ok as well. PLEASE USE CHAPTER 12 of the REQUIRED COURSE TEXTBOOK.
Required course textbook:

Required Text:
Introduction to Sociological Theory: Theorists, Concepts, and their Applicability to the Twenty-First Century. Michele Dillon. West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

Ill attach a screenshot of the course text so you can use the right one.