Discuss physical maturation and the individuals adjustment to these changes

Discuss physical maturation and the individuals adjustment to these changes
How does this individual feel (self-assessment) about their physical appearance?
How does this individual feel (self-assessment) about their physical abilities?
Note any issues this individual has with appearance and weight issues.
Onset of physical maturation early verses late and the outcomes of this maturation on peer/parental relationships.
Parental adjustment to the childs maturation
Explore the individuals exposure to sexual education and information

Concrete Operations With regards to younger teens who may still be in the concrete operational stage of development explore the following dimensions:
Address the individuals understanding of the following milestones; conservation, seriation, centration, classification, hierarchy and reversibility. Give examples too support your understanding.
Describe the development of and evidence of the presence of control processes. These include selective attention, metacognition and emotional regulation.
Formal Operations – With relation to Formal Operations address the individuals understanding of the following milestones;
deductive reasoning
hypothetical reasoning
In addition explore the presence of both analytic and intuitive thought. Give examples to support your understanding.
Post Formal Thought For the older adolescent or young adult explore post-formal thought, does this individual exhibit flexibility and problem finding? Give examples to support your conclusions.
General Concepts for Cognitive Development
Explore the following concepts as related to your case study. Give examples of each within the case study
adolescent egocentrism
personal fable
imaginary audience
Does this individual subscribe to the entity approach to intelligence or the incremental approach? Give your rational for your assessment.
Explore either Kohlbergs stages or moral development or Gilligans modifications as related to your case study.
Describe the academic achievement and or difficulties presented in your case study
Explore, if possible, the quality of the school attended.

Erikson and Marcias Identity Statuses -Erickson postulated that the fifth stage of psychosocial development was identity verses role confusion. His four arenas of were:
Sexual (gender identity)
Political (ethnic)
Vocational relevant to career choice for the purposes of this assignment
With regards to Identity Statuses – You need to apply Marcias identity statuses to each of the four areas listed above. In other words, in each area where does this adolescent fall in relation to each dimension? Give examples to support your assertions.
General Concepts
How does this individual define him or herself? How would he or she describe their own strengths and weaknesses?
Explore the concepts of self-esteem and self-confidence with relationship to your adolescent compare to current trends.
Explore the quality of the parental relationship. The four aspects of closeness discussed in your text are:
Control (we will define this as synonymous with boundaries as previously discussed)
With regards to the four areas listed above four areas, and with an understanding of the parenting styles conceived by Diana Baumrind, discuss the parent adolescent relationship and the potential outcomes of this for the adolescent.

Rejection and bullying
Explore the rejection statuses of aggressive rejected verses withdrawn rejected if rejection applies.
If this individual is a bully or a victim, discuss the types of bullying involved:
Concepts related to sexuality
Explore sexual orientation and adjustment to sexual feelings
Does this individual masturbate why or why not?
Explore dating and this individuals goals in dating
If sexually active reasons for becoming sexually active should be explored.
General concepts related to social development
Explore same sex peer relationships and/or opposite sex peer relationships (non-love-interest) relate to the idea of peer selection and peer facilitation as discussed in your text.
Explore how culture and cohort impact social acceptance as well as self-acceptance in this individual.
Is this individual developing the capacity for intimacy?
Describe sibling relationships and any changes in them