Discuss Jean Pucelles, Book of Hours of Jeanne dEvreux. What was the function of this book? How was it used?

General instructions: For each of these five monuments begin by discussing the period of time in which they were created; discuss their history, context, artist/architect (if known), etc.

If images attached are not enough refer to images online

all answers must be in full sentences AND FULLY ANSWERED !!!!

1] Saint Sernin, 12.8, 12.9.

For this ID, discuss what period this monument dates from; what visual element enables you to immediately date it to this period? Discuss the Pilgrim Road; what was the goal of the Pilgrim road? What is the format of a Pilgrimage church, in other words, what innovation is found at them? What did people go to visit at Pilgrimage churches? How is the design of a pilgrimage churches intended to facilitate this veneration?

2] Tympanum of Saint Lazare 12.11. 12.12.

For this I.D. please fully discuss the subject matter of the imagery. Define a tympanum. Is the use of such sculptural relief an innovation from the previous 4 or so centuries (is much sculpture being created during the previous four centuries?). What is going on in the various parts of the image? Who created this image, or paid for it? How do we know? What activity took place in front of this image? How is the act of pilgrimage encouraged in this image?

3] Choir of Saint Denis 13.3, 13.4.

What is the significance of this building to the French Monarchy? What are the elements that come together in this building that make it innovative and different from the churches built during the proceeding period of architectural history? Compare and contrast the architecture of Saint Sernin with that of Saint Denis: What is similar and what is different?

4] Jean Pucelle, Book of Hours of Jeanne dEvreux 13.27.

Discuss Jean Pucelles, Book of Hours of Jeanne dEvreux. What was the function of this book? How was it used? Why does the use of such books emerge at this specific time? What images are present on the two pages under discussion? Please look at my lecture image and not the one in the book, as it is incorrect. What is the difference between the images at the margins of the book (in subject matter and tone) when contrasted with the images above them? Do we see this difference between the marginal and central images elsewhere? This can be answered with an architectural example.