Discuss how social media has impacted your identity.

After watching the documentary, respond to the following questions. Submit your responses by 11:59pm on Sunday. Please number your responses and do not re-write the questions.

Please discuss your general reactions to the film.

According to the film, “the consumer is now the marketer”. What does this mean? Please provide some examples. Is this a change from how advertising and marketing has traditionally worked?

Consider the question Does selling out exist anymore? What do you think? For better or for worse? (You may need to look up the phrase selling out if you dont know what it means).

Word-of-mouth marketing is an age-old technique used to build interest in a brand or a product. (One person recommends a brand or product or shares information about it with another person he or she knows. The recipient does the same with another person, and so on, until word spreads.) How is using social media to market a movie similar to the word-of-mouth technique? How is it different? Which do you think is more effective, and why?

Discuss how social media has impacted your identity.