digital marketing principles

Key digital marketing principles:
choose two organisations in the same product category and write a report that compares, contrasts and evaluates their current digital marketing practices. The report is a critique of these organisations with reference to their digital marketing practices. (Note that this is an individual assessment). A reference list is required (but not included in the word count). The purpose of this task is to create the necessary environment within the digital marketing architecture to enable you figure out the advantages and the disadvantages of the different approaches companies can utilise to enhance their conversion rates.

Useful Points to consider
How are the two businesses utilising these techniques to enhance their digital marketing practices?

On-site SEO
Off-site SEO
Paid search marketing
Display Ads

Ensure that at least two references on your reference list are from reputable marketing or digital marketing journals.

1000 words (plus reference list); Font 12 and line spacing 1.5
Paper should be presented in standard Business Report format

I have attached a document that states how you need to write the report. Please view for reference

This is worth 50% please make sure everything is covered thoroughly and written is a business format. Please refer to the document attached in regards to how i would like the report to be written. Also please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.