Developing the Evidence Based Practice Knowledge and Leadership Skills for the Nursing Associate to Inform Their Practice

In an essay plan and learning outcomes, it does state exactly what needs to be covered/mentioned/elaborated on. From my first essay, I got only 34% (Then it got changed to 0% due to similarity index). There are 4 learning outcomes that MUST be covered. LO1: Develop a personal development plan that will
guide the professional development required to enable
the transition from trainee to a nursing associate. – That one is simply my PDP plan which you can skip, I have done it already.
LO2: Reflect on self-engagement in professional
relationships, work in practice and identify areas for
innovative change / development.
LO3: Demonstrate key skills that underpin lifelong
learning within nursing.
LO4: Distinguish and identify evidence based practice
to inform innovative change /
development (mention changing models).