Develop a research design to study a particular chronic disease and its relationship to physical activity

The project will consist of the following requirements:

1. Choose a chronic disease to investigate.
2. Complete a literature review of the original epidemiological research related to the chronic disease and physical activity (8-10 articles). No meta-analysis allowed.
3. Develop a hypothesis related to your study.
4. Develop a methodology to investigate your hypothesis using the concepts and principles of epidemiological research. This should include; statistical test, sample population and controls, randomization of population, the research design.

5. Answer the following questions:
a. What would be the limitations to your study?
b. What are the biases that may be inherent in your study and how can you overcome those biases?

– Create a final report that will include all of the above items.
– You must include a summary of the literature review articles.
– Type it in the format of a research article minus the results.