“Excellent work on the summaries and conceptual description of the work. The visual analysis is lacking the discussion of the three elements and one paragraph about the one principle. While there is a bit of discussion in there about it. You need to make a clear topic sentence explaining what specific element/principle you choose is used in the work and how. The visual analysis and conceptual interpretation need to go into depth more and also make concrete arguments and support that argument by describing specifically why that is true using design vocab. Review further for grammar and MLA formatting (heading, title, in text citations, double spacing, etc.). Remember this should be one cohesive essay with an intro, thesis, and conclusion rather than separating the readings and visual analysis. Think of it similar to one you might write for english class . Consider for your thesis what the larger question or answer all of the readings cover and remember you need to cite 2 additional sources. Also include a works cited page MLA format. “