Describe the psychological challenges through the lens of this theory.


We have covered a lot of different theories throughout this course, and now is your opportunity to apply these theories to an actual case study. You will select five different personality theories reviewed throughout this course to the case study below. Feel free to reference your notes from your study guide to help you get started. You must select 1 theory from each week beginning with week 2.
In a 7-10 page paper, please address each of the following:

Describe the psychological challenges through the lens of this theory.

Describe the definition of personality from this perspective.

Explain the suggested means of helping the patient improve according to the theory.

Case: A 30-year-old, married, Caucasian male is severely addicted to alcohol. His ten-year addiction has caused him to recently lose his job and learn that his partner is pursuing a divorce. He experiences comorbid depression (isolation, automatic negative thoughts, lethargy, passing suicidal ideation, sleep disturbances) and anxiety (restlessness, irritability, rumination, fear that something awful may happen). He developed the addiction after the death of a parent ten years ago, and he reportedly was also using alcohol to build comradery with others he looked up to who drank alcohol. Moreover, he reports that he was using alcohol to help him sleep and help with social anxiety (increase in nervousness and obsessive concerns about what others think of him in social groups and social settings).

Additional Considerations:

Papers should be at least 7 pages in length, excluding your cover and reference pages.

You must include at least two outside sources to support your own ideas and remember to cite appropriately using APA format.

If you do not reference the assigned readings, points will be deducted. Always remember to circle everything back to the weekly readings.