Describe the need for the technology in your institution and how the implementation will benefit both the institution and the individuals served.

Telehealth Technology PowerPoint

Rapidly changing technologies have a drastic impact on nursing and healthcare. One such area of healthcare technology is telehealth, which has the power to reshape the way we provide care in rural settings, training and continuing education for professionals, and ongoing monitoring for clients, and more.

Assignment Set-Up

Imagine your healthcare institution (real or imaginary) has decided to implement a telehealth technology in nursing to improve access, communication, and service. You have been appointed to the strategic planning team to research and select a telehealth technology for use in your institution, and develop the protocol for the use of this technology in your institution (i.e., the rules and procedures). You are charged with researching your selected telehealth technology in nursing, its use by other institutions, and their protocol for use. You are asked to create a protocol that is supported by research for your institution, and present the final product in PowerPoint format to your board of directors.