Describe one of the primary themes found in Catholic Social teachings as explored in the course readings (in the CST course pack).

Preparation review the course readings from the CST course pack.
o Beyond and Introduction and Conclusion structure the essay as follows:
Section one Explanation: Describe one of the primary themes found in Catholic Social teachings as explored in the course readings (in the CST course pack). You may choose from any of the themes that we read about, Dignity, the Common Good, Moral Economics, Dignified Labor, etc. Use the primary sources from the course pack to explain the heart of what the teaching is all about, given examples from the text in the form of quotations. Here I am looking for your ability to adequately summarize information youve read and that youve understood a specific teaching in the Catholic moral tradition. 12 pages.
Section two Analysis: Explore some challenge people are facing due to COVID-19. This could be any element of the crisis, e.g., health care during a pandemic, business losses, unemployment. Do whatever research possible on the internet to explain the problem and demonstrate how real people are suffering amidst the crisis. Reference any news sites your use and as best you can discern useful from poor journalism. Here I am looking for your informed perspective on whats going on in real lives based on the limited information available to you. 12 pages.
Section three Construction: Apply your theme of CST to the problem to offer a concrete solution to the issue. What would a dignified health care system look like? What are the economic responsibilities of a small business owner to their employees during the crisis? How would the federal government ensure the common good in the face of millions of unemployment claims? Here I am looking for the most depth in your thought if youre interested in healthcare, show your understanding of the current system and how other proposals concretely function; if youre interested in federal responses, show some knowledge of the currently CARE act and what you think is needed in future acts. Show some evidence that youve done research into concrete practice or policy and so that you can realistically wrestle with ethics can potentially shape political action. 23 pages.
Due: Check in on Discord 4/15. Send me a DM any time on 4/15 letting me know your basic plan for the final essay. Ill use this time to make sure all the other due dates are confirmed for you, let you know about assignments I have from you, and you can ask any further questions.
Due: Final Essay 4/25.
Other I would like you to find two peer reviewed journal articles in addition to the CST course pack that will help in any way with the paper. These could be articles concerning ethics, the concrete solutions you are looking at, policy, pandemics, etc.
Assessment You will get a 25/25 on the assignment insofar as you 1) follow the assignment structure; 2) coherently reference a concept from the CST course pack and use two peer reviewed articles, 3) robustly and authentically struggle to offer a solution to the pandemic were facing I expect concrete solutions, so be specific and make clear suggestions on how policy should be developed in light of ethics.