Depression: What is it? What Causes it? How is it Treated?


1. Select a topic in Psychology that you find interesting and use the research paper as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the topic. One of the keys to completing a successful library research paper is to define the topic you want to pursue very carefully. It should not be so general as to be hard to organize, nor should the topic be so narrow that it’s difficult to locate information for the paper.

2. Your research should include material from as many sources as possible including books; professional journals; Internet sources; interviews and media sources. There is not a set number of references you should use for your paper, but a college level research paper typically uses from 10-15 sources. Note: the sources you use must go beyond the Internet. Your paper should not contain more than five internet sources without permission from me. Google Scholar is a good search engine to use to find relative articles around your topic.

The research paper should be a minimum of three pages in length and should not exceed five pages. This is excluding title page and reference page(s). No abstract is needed for this paper.

3. A full reference page and title page is required in proper APA format. Information and samples of APA format will be distributed in class.


Depression: What is it? What Causes it? How is it Treated?

Understanding Schizophrenia

Overview of Child Development: Physical, Intellectual and Social Dev.

Psychotropic Drugs: Overused? Study of Prozac and Ritalin

Practical Ways to Improve Memory

Personal Space and Territoriality: Causes and Understandings

Freud’s Theory of Personality

You do not have to use any of these they are merely samples to give you an idea of what a topic my look like. If you have questions or concerns about a topic of choice please let me know and we will work through it.