It is an assignment at a master’s level. The question is “What is the role of chemical disinfection in root canal therapy? What chemicals are available and what is the evidence for their respective use. Your answer should include what factors would influence your decision to use these various materials in different endodontic situations”

Here is the guidelines I summarized from a lecture given by the course lead.

Masters level writing and thinking
Evidence presented in Vancouver style
Superscript or brackets 1 or [1] citing with
Avoid too much procedural text
Avoid unsubstantiated statements corsodyl
is an effective anti-microbial in CPD
Write more than the requirement then critically
edit it to within the required word count
(critical editing)
expected 10+ references but
depends on the question
Answer the question
If the question says define then define
If the question says list then make a list
If it asks for an evidence base then do that

Be reflective even if that is not requested, – i.e. now
I have read this topic up I will personally take a
different approach and change my practice….
Segment the question
Give a broad intro e.g. Occlusal theories
outline what occlusion is, possibly use some
definitions and then mention the confusion in
Segment with titles the main part of the essay
Write a personal reflective section
Finish with a conclusion
Evidence of adequate and appropriate background reading
A clear statement of aims and relevant section of
Sensible planning and organization
Evidence of systematic thought and argument
A good evidenced reflective commentary
Clarity of Expression
Careful Presentation (accurate typing, proof reading etc)
Observation of conventions of academic discourse
(appropriate referencing style and bibliography, spacing etc)
Good academic balance of argument where relevant
Good academic critical review of references
Markers are now restricted in their marking to
certain percentage marks so that borderline
marks are not reviewed
The marker decides on a category distinction
merit pass fail.
The percentage allowable is then decided. –
40%/45%/55%/60%/65%/70%/75%/80% etc


Arial Font, size 12, 1.5 spacing and justified (This will help the markers read your assignments with ease). Please refrain from using highlighting or coloured fonts.