Demonstrate how your understanding of ethics has increased as a result of taking this class.

LENGTH: 1000 words or more (exclusive of footnotes/endnotes)
FORMAT: APA style, Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced, with good sentence structure, and a clear introduction and conclusion.
TOPIC: An ethics-related topic within the parameters of the course description as found in the college catalog (see below).
DUE: See due date below. Paper (“hard copy”) hand-ins not accepted; document must be uploaded.
REFERENCES: You must use at least two academic sources beyond MacKinnon, with this exception: The readings at the end of the MacKinnon chapters qualify as outside sources. All sources consulted must be properly cited in footnotes or endnotes.
ABSTRACT: Not required, but if included, up to 100 words may apply toward word count.
FILE NAME: Please include your name in your document’s file name in this format …
LastName, FirstName – DocumentTitle
Before attempting this assignment, if you are new to academic writing, you should read (or at least glance over) the article “What Is an Academic Paper?” found here (Links to an external site.).

The purpose of this term paper is twofold:

Demonstrate how your understanding of ethics has increased as a result of taking this class.
Explore an ethics-related topic of special interest.
Examples of acceptable topics:

Arguments for or against a particular ethical position as presented in MacKinnon, Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues. Choose an issue from the “Ethical Issues” portion of the textbook (Part Two). Your issue may need to be narrowed from the chapter title. For example, you might discuss euthanasia (chapter 10), or you might narrow your topic to physician assisted suicide. A topic as broad as sexual morality (chapter 12) will definitely need to be narrowed (e.g. gay rights, same sex marriage, pornography, etc.). Here, for your convenience, is a listing of the issues as presented in Part Two of MacKinnon, Ethics, 9e:
Chapter 10: Euthanasia
Chapter 11: Abortion (THIS IS THE ONE I CHOSE)
Chapter 12: Sexual Morality
Chapter 13: Equality and Discrimination
Chapter 14: Economic Justice
Chapter 15: Punishment and the Death Penalty
Chapter 16: Environmental Ethics
Chapter 17: Animal Ethics
Chapter 18: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Chapter 19: Violence and War
Chapter 20: Global Justice and Globalization
Virtually any topic covered during the semester, explored in greater depth and detail — an ethical theory, for example.
With instructor pre-approval: A current issue in the news. Be sure you fairly explore both sides of the issue, not just the side you support! But then you must take a position and defend it; do not merely describe the issue.
With instructor pre-approval: A report on an ethics reading as it relates to your major or professional goals. In addition to summarizing the content, you must also take a position and/or comment on its ethical significance.
Non-fiction book:
Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction (Links to an external site.) by Tony Hope
Chapters from a book
Ethics: The Essential Writings (Modern Library Classics) (Links to an external site.)
Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)Links to an external site. – Besides the box titled “Science, Technology and Ethics,” there are many other relevant links.
Ethics Cases:
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (Links to an external site.) – Note especially the page of Ethics Cases (Links to an external site.).
Professional Codes of Ethics
The Ethics Codes Collection (Links to an external site.) – These might be supplemented by case studies in the profession.