deep learning in medicine

Many topics are discussed and taught in HIMA 6060. However, because Health Informatics is a fast advancing field crossing different disciplines, there are still many relevant topics uncovered or just covered briefly. The final project or paper is a good opportunity for students to work on a substantial health informatics project or to explore these topics that we have not had a chance to discuss in detail in class.
A student will have the project but are not required for the completion of the project. A deliverable is required to prove the completion of the project with a detailed report on the steps for the project and discussions of learning points from the process. There is no requirement on the length of the report. The report will still need to follow the best practices of technical and academic writing.
Students will also have the option to write a final white paper report that provides a informative overview of a specific topic on health informatics or health information technologies. White paper is a special type of document that describes a special issue or product in details. Your paper should include an executive summary, an introduction to the issue or information technology to direct readers to the main theme, background or problem related to an issue and explain the solutions, and lastly the conclusion. The final white paper should be at least 10 pages in length.

Suggestions for Final Projects
Students can choose any projects may interest them. Please discuss with me any potential ideas you may have for the project. Some examples are listed here to stimulate your creativity:
1. Create a functional database for a specific medical practice.
2. Analyze large amount of publicly available data or private data.
3. Build a decision support system for a specific medical domain.
4. Geospatial data analysis using EpiInfo for a specific area.
5. Create workflow analysis for an EMR implementation.

Students are still required to write a final project report with their project. In the report, students need to describe the incentive for the project, the steps taken to finish the project, the lessons learned from the project.

Suggestions for Final Paper
You should have the freedom to choose any topic you like, as long as it is related to health informatics in general and has a substantial implementation or research component.

If you’re having difficulty generating a project idea, some of the ideas below might help you get started. However, you are highly recommended to choose topic outside these topics.
Standards for public health informatics data transaction.
Organization issues related to public health informatics implementation.
Primary care informatics and its relationship with public health informatics.
Effectiveness of disease surveillance systems.
Information system usability for health informatics
Organization issues related to health informatics
Health Information Technologies and Health Disparities
The impact of meaningful use on dissemination of EHR technologies
Home care technologies application for quality of care
The roles of EHR for care coordination
The impact of EHR on physicians productivity.
Use of IBM Watson in Health Informatics
Education and Certification in Health Informatics
Workforce training in health informatics
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Deep learning in Medicine
Blockchain technology in medicine
Health Informatics and population health
Consumer Health Informatics and the Last Mile of Health Care Delivery
FHIR and its impact on Health Interoperability

Suggestions on Writing Style
Your paper should be as long as is necessary to explain the problem, your solution, the reasons for your choices, and your analysis of your solution. It should be at least ten pages in length. Your paper must be at least ten 12-point, Times New Roman double-spaced pages in length. Please use 1-inch margins. In general, your paper’s style and arrangement should be similar to the papers we’ve read in class.

The white paper should start with an executive summary. The executive summary should summarize what a reader will learn by reading the white paper. It should describe the problem to be addressed, the essential points in your white paper, and any conclusions you have drawn. It should be at least 150 words long.

In the body of the white paper you should:
1. Introduce the problem and the externally imposed constraints, and explain why the problem is interesting.
2. Present the background information about the particular topic.
3. Report findings based on supporting materials.
4. Conclude with lessons or important messages learned from the white paper
Cite your sources as you mention them in the text of your paper, and list all references at the end of the paper. I expect you to cite at least 10 references from peer-reviewed journal or proceedings. You can use any citation style you feel comfortable such as AMA or APA.
Write for an audience that understand basic health information technology and has a fair amount of experience applying them in various situations, but has not thought carefully about the particular problem you are dealing with.
How will I evaluate your paper?
When evaluating your paper, I will look at both content and writing.
Some content considerations:
Do you provide motivation for why the problem you chose is worthwhile or interesting?
Does the solution address the goals you stated?
Are your references appropriate for the topic?
Are you supporting all your assertions?
Are your findings clear?
Are your conclusions clear?
Some writing considerations:
Is the report easy to understand?
Is it well organized and coherent?
Does it use diagrams where appropriate?
Is there a good abstract and bibliography?
Are there any grammatical errors or ambiguity n the writing?

The following rubric will be used to determine your final grade (it will be convert to a 50 point scale)
Attribute Comments 5 4 3 2 1
1 Start the paper with a >200 word executive summary highlighting key points in the paper
2 Opens with a statement of the issue/topic explaining why it is important
3 Provides a complete background history of the issue/topic
4 Establishes your position with facts and figures and cites sources appropriately
5 Includes opposing sides of the issue
6 Provides recommendations to the issues
7 Offers alternative solutions to the issue
8 Include a conclusion to outline major take away points for the white paper
9 Includes at least 10 credible outside sources, five being the lowest score.
10 Effective use of typography
Times New Roman 12 pt text
Times New Roman 14 pt headings
Block-letter format
11 Effective use of white space-balanced
1 space after heading
2 spaces after section before the next heading.
No back-to-back headings
12 Use graphics consistent with the message.
13 Does not plagiarize existing works/no copyright violations/cites sources of images.
14 Citation style is appropriate and consistent
15 Assertive statements are supported by evidences/or references.
16 Usability-descriptive headings and hyperlinks
17 Readabilitythe report is flow well.
18 Mechanics: Punctuation/Grammars
19 Complete the PowerPoint Slides timely
20 Complete the paper timely
Adopted from Beatnik Writing (
References (Click the Hyperlink to Access):
White Paper: Purpose and Audience from Purdue Online Writing Lab.
How to Write a White Paper from Directory Journal.
EMR | White Paper. This is a sample white paper from HIMSS about EMR. Your final white paper should follow the same structure and style. Please note there is no reference in this white paper. You will need to have references cited and listed in your white paper.