Cyber bullying

Part 1 Paper:

Write a 2 to 3 page paper (12 pt font, times new roman or equivalent, with standard 1 inch margins) on one of the following topics or a different instructor approved topic. The paper will consist of 3 sections as follow.

Cyber bullying

Section 1 of paper the issue

For the first section of the paper write about the cyberethical issue to answer why is it an ethical issue and who are the proponents of each side of the issue. Explain the issue in detail using standard research techniques. You want to answer the following question

What is the issue?
Why is it an ethical issue?
What are the moral foundation issues of the issue?
What is the scope of this issue, who is effected by this issue?
Please use 2 to 3 sources for your research. Internet sources are acceptable. Please use authoritative sources (not Wikipedia, thought looking at the sources Wikipedia got there information is acceptable).

Section 2 of paper the real world application

Find a recent (last 2 to 4 years) news article that pertains to the issue that you researched. For the second section answer the following questions

Write a summary of the article that you found
How is this article related to the issue from section one
Section 3 Conclusion

Write a short opinion section of where you see this issue going in the future.

Has this issue been resolved as an ethical issue?
Is it just starting to get developed?
What direction is this issue heading in the future?