curriculum philosophy

Read Palmer (1993) chapters 3&4

Submit Assignment 3: Personal Philosophy of Education


This essay is a brief reflective paper that addresses your personal definition of curriculum and instruction philosophy as well as an understanding of the role of curriculum in education. In addition to class resources, the paper should integrate at least 2 additional academic resources.

Length: This paper should not exceed 4 pages with pages 2 and 3 being your actual response.
Format: Standard APA formatting to include 1-inch margins, double-spaced, left justification, running head, page numbers on top right, Times New Roman 12 font.
Page 1 is the Title Page in APA format
Pages 2 and 3 are the body of the paper (no abstract is required)
Page 4 is the Reference Page in APA format

Begin with your definition of curriculum and instruction. Be sure to base your definition on grounded literature (not just your opinion).
Consider the personal factors that may influence how you view curriculum and instruction: demographic makeup, life experiences, attitudes, education, biases, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Is there any place for spirituality and faith in the classroom?
Include a section to address the role of curriculum in education and the influence that stakeholders have in the defining the need, goals, development, and execution of curriculum, and the relationship between curriculum and instruction.
What is the role of a Christian educator in any school setting or environment?
For those of you who have a problem with narrowing the content, I would recommend #s 1 & 2 be paragraph one and two on your first page of content and #s 3 & 4 be paragraph one and two on your second page of content. Although APA discourages writing from the first-person perspective, it is appropriate for this assignment.