You will need to locate and evaluate several scholarly sources to support your analysis of this issue in your local context. One tool you could use is Google Scholar;

After considering an important current ethical issue in HEALTH CARE this , write a short essay. Consult and cite at least 2 scholarly sources in the paper to support the timeliness and implications of this issue (how and why does this affect you?). The paper should clearly define the field/context of the issue, the scope of the issue, the ethical implications, and the possible consequences of the issue (concerning leadership, employees, customers, society, etc.). Discuss proposed solutions and/or offer your ownwhat ideas do you have regarding how this issue might be managed or solved? Support and explain your analysis. This is a 2-3 page paper (excluding the title and references pages) in APA format; please be clear and concise. . Refer to the writing rubric for detailed expectations. Please underline your thesis statement in the introduction that explains the topic and scope. The following would be a good thesis statement for someone working in higher education: Plagiarism is a serious academic violation that must be addressed to maintain the academic integrity of an institution and requires training, resources, and policies that fully consider the cultural complexities of the problem in order to effectively meet the expectations of shareholders.