Culture, Heritage, and Sense of Place

Write a multi-purpose, that has more than one strategy (whether logical, emotional, or ethical, plus choose an appropriate structural strategy like cause and effect or compare and contrast) that responds, with critical thinking, to one of my prompts below. Make sure you focus on your EXTENDED audience, not just your classmates and me. Select a tone (attitude) that suits the papers objectives. Explain the importance of this place and provide illustrations of how/why it is a significant cultural location. For instance, consider how Once More to the Lake infers that preserving the lake is equally about preserving family heritage. You want to describe and reflect on your visit, and do not forget to include many details (using all FIVE of your senses), and do not forget to reinforce your main ideas.

Please use detailed, vivid language to immerse readers in your point of view/argument, explain the significance of the issue discussed, and provide relevant, clear, and accurate evidence.

1. A school, park, or historical site you have visited in the past. Have there been any changes, and are these changes for the better or worse? Now, while in the moment, do you feel connected to the place: why or why not? Dont forget: How did this place shape your understanding of culture, whether its how schools shape our sense of civic duty and academic skills, parks reveal the importance of green places, or historical sites offer a sense of heritage.

Thesis: Mont Belvieu City Park is important to hundreds of people including me because it provides a bonding environment for a community, it (gives natural therapy / offers therapeutic moments) , and it supplies the people of its city with green space.’