Cross Cultural Training

Assignment Questions (choose one)
Question 1
Provide a clear definition of conflict in organisations and discuss how it arises in both a communications and culture sense. Using that as a base, discuss Thomas and Kilmanns two-dimensional taxonomy of conflict handling modes and explain both its use and its limitations in a cross-cultural conflict.
Question 2
Discuss the differences that Adler (with Gundersen) noted between task-orientated cultures and relationship-orientated cultures when international team members first meet and then compare and contrast various strategies which could be used to meld such a team into an effective unit.
SPECIFICGUIDELINES: You are expected to write a properly constructed academic essay of about 1800-2000 words in length no table of contents or title page, just your student number and the question number and the essay. You may use footnotes or endnotes and it IS necessary to provide a bibliography and all quotes and references should be properly cited in the text. You will be graded on the content and balance of the essay and the depth of research and discussion, the use of critical thinking and the quality of the academic skills demonstrated. A short essay (anything less than 1800 words) is unlikely to contain sufficient information to properly answer the question and for me to grade. Finally, make sure you answer ALL parts of the question you select.