critique of a psychological assessment

Instructions: Format
COUN 622 Assessment in Counseling Test Critique Paper
5-7 page written report; not an outline. You do NOT need an abstract.
Use APA format (Purchase the APA Manual (6th Ed.) or use the Purdue Owl website.
Make sure you use APA citation procedures within the body of your paper.
Identify your sources of information for this critique in a References section, using APA
The expectation is that you provide a scholarly review of the test with at least three
sources identified as supportive references. The Mental Measurements Yearbook should
be one of your sources, and our text can be used as another one of your sources. Use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation
ContentInclude the following information:
A. General information
1. Title of the test; include edition & forms, if applicable
2. Authors
3. Publisher
4. Dates of publication, include dates of manuals, norms, and supplementary
5. Time required to administer
6. Cost of test, booklets, answer sheets, scoring services
B. Brief description of the purpose and nature of the test
1. General type of test (i.e., individual, group, performance, aptitude)
2. Population for which the test was designed (age range, type of person) 3. Nature of the content of the test
4. Subtests and separate scores
C. Practicalevaluation
1. Qualitative features of test materials (design of test booklet, editorial control,
ease of use, attractiveness, durability, appropriateness for intended population) 2. Ease of administration
3. Clarity of directions
4. Scoring procedures; computer scoring software
5. Need for test-taker rapport
D. Technical evaluation 1. Norms
a. Type of norms/scores
b. Standardization sample (nature, size, representativeness, procedures for
obtaining sample, subgroup norms) 2. Reliability
a. Type
b. Procedure to establish reliability c. Long-term stability
3. Validity a. Type
b. Procedure

E. Reviewer comments (from Mental Measurements Yearbook & other sources)
1. Before writing this section, read reviewer information in Mental
Measurements Yearbook (MMY) first.
2. Make sure you use reputable reviewersjournal articles, MMY, etc.
3. When presenting/summarizing this information, do not use information from
the author of the test
F. Your personal summary evaluation
1. Briefly discuss/list the assessments major strengths
2. Briefly discuss/list the assessments major weaknesses 3. Briefly describe how this assessment could be used
* Not all of the above information will be available/relevant for all tests. If information is not available, state this in your report and cite the sources where you looked. If you indicate that information is not available, then I should not be able to find it with a simple check of MMY or the publishers website.
COUN 622 Rubric for Test Critique Paper
Assignment Requirements
Identified the required general information about the selected test
Provided a brief purpose and nature of the test
Described the practical evaluation elements of the test
Provided information about the technical evaluation of the test
Provided professional reviewer comments about the test
Personal summary evaluation
Utilized the APA writing style, had proper spelling & grammar, etc.