Critical understanding of the need for self-awareness and continuing self-development.

In no more than 3,000 words, you must demonstrate your critical understanding of the need for self-awareness and continuing self-development. This will be achieved through the completion of the following tasks:
1. Using a range of relevant literature, explain how self-awareness and continuous self-development will help you to fulfil your role as a successful Leader or Manager in the future. This is worth 30% of overall marks – approx 1,000 words.
2. Using the attached templates, write two separate critical incidents to reflect upon the findings and implications from two self-analysis toolkits from the module (e.g. Belbin, Emotional Intelligence, Management Competencies, Personality tests). This is worth 50% of overall marks approx 1,400 words.

Please note you must:
Provide two clear and specific critical incidents. The first critical incident should be based on an incident from your Residential weekend and must relate specifically to working in culturally diverse groups and teams.
Include a summary of the toolkit results you have chosen on each critical incident template e.g. if you have used your Belbin profile you should make a note of your key results/themes.
Identify how you will use this learning in the future.
3. Summarise your major strengths and weaknesses and comment on any patterns of behaviour that have emerged from your self-analysis. Identify no more than three areas of personal development as a (future) manager that you can work on in the next year. This section should reflect the findings of at least four toolkits that you have used on this module. This is worth 10% of the overall marks approx. 600 words.

4. The final 10% of marks will be awarded for the presentation and structure of your assignment and the accurate referencing of your sources using the APA format.