Critical analysis of an educational issue (in New Zealand)

Critically analyse an education initiative or issue of your choice, drawing on relevant academic literature. You will need to discuss the different views held about the initiative or issue with reference to relevant socio-political, cultural, or economic factors. In addition, discuss how this issue/initiative manifests in school settings, or in the education community, making reference to practicum experiences if relevant.

My essay topic is either going to be
– The social construction of school quality (Trupp)
– Inequality in education (Turner)

Please write an essay based on one of the topics above.

I upload two references for each topic.

Thrupp, M. (2007). Educations Inconvenient Truth: Part One Persistent Middle
Class Advantage. New Zealand Journal of Teachers Work, 4(2). 77-88.

Turner, H., Rubie-Davies, C. M., & Webber, M. (2015) Teacher Expectations, Ethnicity and the Achievement Gap. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 1-15.