criminal law UK essay

A person may be convicted of manslaughter through a variety of different routes.
Explain this observation and discuss whether the current law is in need of reform.

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Books:author, title, place of publication, publisher and date
Articles:author, title, journal, volume, year and first and last page numbers
Edited works:author, title of chapter followed by “in” editor(s), name of the work, place of publication, publisher, date and first and last page numbers of the chapter
Quotations:require the above detail plus appropriate page numbers

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This piece of coursework will be assessed by reference to the following criteria:
1. The ability to identify the legal issues central to this question.
2. The ability to define the law clearly and concisely.
3. The ability to explain the relevant legal provisions in the context of the question.
4. The ability to provide a clear, reasoned and supported argument in relation to the set question.
5. The use of appropriate further reading and research
4. The ability to write grammatically correct English and to spell and punctuate accurately.
5. The ability to structure the answer appropriately.
6. The ability to present and reference your work appropriately