Criminal Justice System

First, the overall content of the paper is up to you. You will have to complete part b, but I am much looser on how you decide to present your topic. I provided part “a” as an example of what the typical paper structure is. Keep in mind that it can not only be race/ethnicity and CJ. system, but also the: a) racial/ethnic analysis of a CJ-based law, policy, or punishment, b) the role of politics, media, public opinion, etc., or c) a more general topic such as the IAT testing, privilege, etc. — as it relates to the CJ system.

a) choose one “race” or ethnicity and present it with regards to one aspect of the criminal justice system — providing the background of the relationship (statistics, journal article research, etc.). For example, the police, the courts, juries, sentencing, the death penalty, juveniles, or any “race” or ethnic specific phenomenon (e.g. the semi-sovereignty of Native Americans). You can also choose a particular crime or criminal phenomenon. Also, do not hesitate to include “Whiteness” as your group. The most important suggestion that can be made is to be specific — for example, do not just choose sentencing — choose one type of sentencing. The paper should be “researched” — including traditional and non-traditional resources with a background on the subject, statistics and other documentation to support your topic, and a social/policy suggestion for your topic.