Correlation between Sun exposure (Vitamin D) and Depression

Your Content Paper will provide a general analysis of a few of the major themes that relate to principles and concepts covered in the class and you will take either 1) An applied perspective: Discuss a problem/solution related to the content area and concepts or 2) A research perspective: Discuss potential research direction/design to further the field of Psychology related to the content area and concepts. This is meant to be a very BASIC paper that will just grace the surface of an interesting idea or perspective you have about how we could apply information from Psychology to either create or refine a program to help people OR begin to design a research idea. Both types of papers should give a very short overview of what we know in the field of Psychology and then provide YOUR ideaseither an applied intervention or research.
Must contain 3 scholarly articles.
Provide proper APA citations and reference page for all material used to explain the application specific concepts/principles.