Final Project Subject Matter: The final project subject matter must include an aspect of correctional law that involves one of the following focus groups (incarcerated adult males, females, or juveniles).
PICK only one of the following ideas below.
1. Address an issue involving correctional law that includes a recent Supreme Court case involving a jail or prison.
2. Should mass prisons be replaced with community corrections centers?If so explain why?
3. Your project can be a prison based program of your creation. Examples to think of are; parenting classes, gender specific programs to address a particular issue involving inmates, etc.
4. LGBT issues in correctional institutions. Should inmates who identify as a gender different from their biological sex be allowed to be classified and housed according to their gender identity.
5. Should female inmates who give birth in prison be allowed to keep their infants with them? If yes, explain how long they can be with them. If no, explain the safety reasons why, and provide at least one Supreme Court Case that would back up your statement.
Semantics of your paper: