Corporate social reporting on SAMSUNG ( MCSR – mini corporate social responibiity)

There needs to be 3 parts
1.) an analysis of the company’s csr and what they have been doing( only the biggest and most important things
2) Analyze of the companies csr report and if the company is .doing the things it claims to be doing
3) is recommendations on how to improve the companies CSR

Additional instructions – The first part should be longest , part 2 should be the next largest and the most ciritcal thinking, In part two you shoulld criticize the company and try to “dig up dirt” trying to find any lawsuits and other controversial thing asmsumg has done(agediscrimination, race discrim, sexism etc, anything that could be seen as negative for them)
for part 3 just anything that you find can be improved upon and an idea for it,