Corporate Financial Management Online.

The assessment consists of a 20 multiple choice quiz that I must complete during the period of 18th-24th May. The Topics for the quiz are “Capital budgeting continued and Basic cash management” (Workshop 8), “The cost of capital” (Workshop 10) and “Leasing and Introduction to options” (Workshop 11). There is a bit of an overlap for the “Answers for workshop” documents as the “Answers for workshop 10” document consists of the answers for Workshop 8, “Answers for workshop 11” document consists of the answers for Workshop 10 and “Answers for workshop 12” document consists of answers for Workshop 11. The quiz has a time limit of 3hrs. For the task to be carried out, I would need to arrange with the expert a suitable time for the both of us to be able to complete the quiz uninterrupted (the quiz must be completed between 18th-24th May). I will post the screenshots of the questions on here for the expert to view once we undertake the quiz. The order would be finished upon completion of the multiple choice quiz. I would like the best qualified expert in the field of finance to assist me with this task. I am happy to provide the material of the topics we have covered throughout the university semester should the expert want to review the material covered so far.